Adam Buxton doing a Q and A with Travis

I hope not. I thought he’d stopped being obsessed with that.

Tom Hanks has been talking about not changing book texts like fucking hell those books people got worked up about earlier this year. It’s an in for Buckles.

Roald Dahl got there in the end.

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I’ve listened to about half of the Hanks podcast. I doubt I’ll listen to any more. The problem with interviewing actors is that they aren’t, generally, very interesting. No mention of woke culture so far. Hanks does appear to argue that film critics don’t know what they’re on about and there’s no such thing as a bad move - citing the fact that It’s a Wonderful Life was badly reviewed upon release, but I’d argue that’s the exception that proves the rule.

Also, most of Buxton’s interviews with Americans aren’t that successful imo - he works best bonding with someone over obscure references to things like Grange Hill and Feast ice-creams. At least, that’s what I like.


Do you know what I thought was decent? The Catcher In The Rye book club he did with Sara Pascoe and Richard Ayoade. Would happily listen to a podcast of those three talking about 20th century classic novels tbh

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They even teased a mention of Pynchon on that one

Come oooon lads

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Whens his album coming out?

Christmas pod is a live show this year.


No mention of this?

(Do bandcamp links not work in new DiS?)

Not as good as My Red Hot Car IMHO

Is it because you can’t stream the track?

Found it on youtube:

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Ah, maybe - I probably can because I bought it

Quite a nice opening on the new one :grinning:

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He’s well and truly back!

Still looking forward to that + the Sam Bain one. Tash Demetriou one was good too they’re cute together


Yeah the bit where they talk about cancel culture was its own proper little section, it even had a custom jingle :expressionless:

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Am ooooooooooht.


It’s quite a good episode. Gets very melty though. Complete with Malcolm Gladwell chat

I had a listen to that one at a podcast festival with Louis Theroux the other day (since I now only listen to the ones with Louis / Joe). It was truly abysmal, proper cringe what with all the playing to the audience with a ‘natural’ conversation. They even managed to kill the yes sir I can boogie bit at the end, throttled all joy.

Cancel Buxton

Same, I’ve broken the rule for a couple were it’s people he has worked with or musicians (who it is far harder to lead down the cancelling path). Last none Louis/Joe one I’ve listened to was Paddy Considine.

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Think the problem there is that all live episodes of podcasts are shit (or at the very least worse than usual)