Adam Buxton doing a Q and A with Travis

Best ones are when he clearly develops a rapport with them (and when the guest isn’t boring as fuck). Really liked the Paul McCartney one despite not being a huge Beatles nut or owt, cause he clearly has a shit ton of stories and Adam did a good job of organically bringing them out of him and finding out that Paul watches the normiest TV imaginable


Yeah, there’s a huge difference between the ones where the guest warms to him and the (rarer) time where they don’t get his style at all.

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Yeah. Really enjoy the episodes where he has a rapport with someone and it brings out a different side to them. If they’re a bit more cagey then it often falls flat and then he’ll start asking them about cancel culture or something


So basically exactly what you both just said yeah


I’m all about the no rapport ones where he gains no new insights.


Are you about to ask me or Manches about Cancel Culture (he’s on a really good run of not doing that, does my head in when he does)


I guess it depends on what they are talking about and whether or not you find the person likeable and sincere. Most people have the same anecdotes as everybody else so it’s usually good to try and talk about what might make them an interesting person as well as some banter about crisps or whatever

kind of came up again in this one when they were talking about people being afraid to offend other people with saying names wrong

That said, I was kind of hoping it might come up in the Stewart Lee one cause Stewart Lee gave a really good sort of take on it on Owen Jones’ podcast

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Still crack up thinking about this actually, celebrities and that tend to big up all your proper indie as fuck American sitcoms that literally no-one in the UK can watch legally and then you’ve got Macca going “that Lee Mack on Would I Lie To You, he’s really quick, I like him” like what your nan would say

Love it


“Thinking about those massive rabbits you can get”

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Maybe you should do ‘Garfield without Garfield’ style edits?

(Not that I would listen because as long as he’s not moaning about cancellation or whatever I always enjoy him speaking.)

Also depends on that guest I think. The Malcolm Gladwell one was a state and I actually felt like they had good rapport, the problem is (as I probably said up there) that he doesn’t seek to do much more than let the guest talk about what they want to talk about and agree with them. So when you have someone like Gladwell who’s already convinced he’s the expert, he gets to just wax on about everything he thinks without any pokes.

I’ve taken to just picking the ones that look like guests I’d like to hear from and ignoring the rest. I’ll be listening to Roisin Murphy.


I feel like Adam Buxton knows enough about country music and rock music to destroy Malcolm Gladwell in the marketplace of ideas

Ha ha, if only that had been the avenue it went down, eh?

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Yeah he did one with Jonny Greenwood where they talked a lot about comedy shows and Curb which was great. Better than hearing him deconstruct the process of writing the string parts for There Will Be Blood


That one was great, and an example of when a guest probably only appeared on the condition they didn’t talk about the day job - got the sense he very much wasn’t up for chatting about Radiohead guitar parts.

I think it was the Jonny Greenwood one that drew me in to the podcast: a nice relaxed chat with someone you don’t get a ton of in-depth interviews with.

I like Buxton quite a lot, but yeah, I have to pick and choose which ones I listen to and I wish he’d let go of the cancel culture stuff, as well as being a bad take it’s very boring.

I’m really hoping he gets the rest of Radiohead on there at some point

He’s interviewed more than half by now, he might as well finish the set