Adam Curtis - new documentary


On iPlayer next month:

Adam Curtis is back - HyperNormalisation

Is it time for him to accept they only put these on iPlayer because no cunt actually wants them on TV?


they’re great, ya big baby

this was to hyg


What an odd comment.


Can’t wait. Though I think he sometimes makes some odd jumps/assumptions, his stuff is still really great. Certainly worth watching for the visuals and editing alone. That and he seems to love Burial, which helps.


“Hello Adam, what can we do for you?”
“Hello BBC person, I’d like to make a new film where I talk over a random assemblage of archive footage to create a narrative about how modern life is like really bad. It won’t quite hang together, but they’ll be lots of doomy music and people will find it somewhat atmospheric and call me a prophet and that.”
“So like everything else you’ve done then?”
“Well, we’re not really interested, but the last time we threw you out of the archive room you got back in through that dodgy fire escape, so I suppose I might as well say yes now and save myself the trouble.”
“I would like to air on BBC1 at 8pm on Saturday night.”
“I’m afraid we’re fully booked for then. Ed Balls is doing the tango.”
“Still no.”
“Afraid not.”
“Where can it go?”
“We can maybe squeeze you in on iPlayer?”
“I don’t trust the internet.”


You’re really Theoing yourself here, pal


You don’t like him then. That’s fine.






let me google that for you “genealogy”


Based on that description on the website I reckon I’ve basically already come up with the arguments he’s gonna present, albeit without all the contingent stuff and cultural theory etc. I imagine the main thing is gonna be about ‘post-truth’ and how it’s not really post-anything, even though we’ve clearly entered a new period of history.


Not going to bother watching it now



" (the current film is nearly three hours long)"

i’m normally into his stuff but there’s no way i could sit through 3 hours of it


I’ve only seen that bit that was on Charlie Brooker a while back, not my thing at all. All seemed a bit reverse vampires.


HYG’s not taken being stripped of his admin powers very well has he?


I’m just a miserable, miserable cunt tbf


Pretty sure he only has one film that’s less than three hours long?


Gone too soon. RIP.

Love Will Tear Us Apart.