Adam Curtis

He sounds a lot like Keith Starmer doesn’t he

Or is that what he wants you to think?

(I don’t know if this works I’m really sleep deprived)

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not watched yet, or read thread, but thought people might be interested in this. i’ve only skim read it. saying curtis is right wing with left wing optics i think…
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I don’t think this would be a huge surprise. One of the repeated themes of his work is that he believes any real change from the left takes an enormous amount of sacrifice. He asks, what are the liberals prepared to give up? And that the economic system we exist in makes it hard for people to do that.


Pretty sure on Adam Buxton’s podcast he said that if pushed, he would say he was Lib Dem. He’s a ‘marketplace of ideas’ guy really isn’t he? Probably thinks picking some principles is somehow vulgar.

Still a good watch though.

I’ve never really tried with Curtis before, is this new one a decent place to jump in, or is there something else that it’s worth starting with (that’s easily available to stream…)

They are all the same really


Wonder how Adam Curtis rides a rollercoaster

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Century of the Self is on iPlayer now. It’s 3 1-hour episodes. Much more a traditional documentary in style compared to his later work but it’s a good way to explore one of the key themes of his work- individualism in the West.

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Man, if only the LM network remained a nobody cult instead of lording it over all discourse 15-odd years later :frowning:


I don’t necessarily agree with all of this but it’s quite an interesting perspective on Curtis’s work/ideology.

I guess one point this piece makes and that’s kind of been echoed by people ITT is that a lot of Curtis’s approach to a lot various social-political changes is rooted in a kind of idealism, where he doesn’t need to engage or perhaps deliberately ignores the material base to many of the struggles\historical phenomena he’s describing.

I guess the only thing I’d question is whether this is as deliberate as the article makes out or whether it’s largely because Curtis is the product of a society where this kind of ideology was more or less hegemonic.

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feel like century of the self, the living and the dead, the mayfair set are all better places to start being that they’re more focused and imo more convincing. his later stuff is more sprawling but he’s done it better than the new one in all watched over… and hypernormalistion.

tl;dr: i’d start almost anywhere else.


Can’t get my head round the LM stuff. How does someone make that leap?

Cheers, will try Century of the Self since it’s on iPlayer

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The last quote in there from Chris Hedges is basically predicting Qanon, isn’t it?


Are you talking about me or faredi?

Faredi! I meant how does someone like him and all that Spiked lot go from calling yourself a communist to being what they are now.

Lol I thought you did but I just wanted to check! :smiley:

Yeah, it’s wild. I think peoples beliefs etc can change over time, but to this extent?

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I can kind of see why Trotskyists who seemed to be focused on a general disdain for centralized authority and state intervention might develop more of a libertarian streak later on but I’m really puzzled by his philosophical development.