Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) RIP


Also worked with Rachel Bloom on the music for Crazy Ex Girlfriend. 52 :frowning: RIP

‘That Thing You Do’ is such a stunning song. As someone pointed out on Twitter what an amazing skill to write a song that is supposed to sound like the biggest song in the world, and absolutely nails it.


Oh no :pensive:

Shit. :frowning: That first Fountains of Wayne album is packed full of more hooks than most bands manage in a career. Going to give it a blast today.


Lauren just played Hackensack on 6music and it rather got to me. Really sad news.


Really sad news, listening to that song right now, it’s so so good.



This is just such horrible news. Was only thinking about Fountains of Wayne the other day when we were doing ‘F’ in the alphabet of music thing. Utopia Parkway is a wonderful record and Welcome Interstate Managers is just spotless. Really clever songwriting that sounds dead simple. Often unfairly maligned (IMHO) for being a bit jokey and, well, for the band name.

Put on some of his other band Ivy yesterday (when we got to ‘I’ in the DIS alphabet) and it’s good stuff. Had know idea he was ill, and now this. Ugh.

In tribute (and because it’s ‘J’ day) going to play the Schlesinger songs from the Josie and the Pussycats movie all day.

Good guy, great musician, horrible fucking business.

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Radiation Vibe I’m groovin on!


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It’s the saddest thing. Love the Fountains of Wayne…

This sucks. I remember going to see them somewhere (Bradford, possibly) when they were touring the first album. The gig was comically undersold and there was about two dozen people in a place that held a few hundred. The band were brilliantly unfazed and treated us to impromptu Pink Floyd covers, Billy Corgan impressions and details about Chris Collingwood’s leg injury - he played sitting down due to a cast on his leg and the Radiation Vibe lyric ‘I broke a knee’ was mugged for all it was worth. A real ‘pulling victory from the jaws of defeat’ event.



Listening to the debut. Didn’t expect them to sound like Teenage Fanclub.

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I absolutely loved Fountains of Wayne. This one has really hit.

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Made a mistake of looking at people he’d worked with’s tweets and now I’m crying

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This is incredibly sad.

Their first album is a power-pop classic - so many tunes. Radiation Vibe,Sink to the Bottom, Survival Car and Leave the Biker especially. Stacey’s Mom was an absolute banger too.

RIP Adam. You’ll be missed.


Fountains of Wayne’s first three albums were absolutely massive for me, I lived inside them for a long time at college. I’ve never really investigated Ivy or his film work all that much though, it passed me by that he’s had so many nominations but it’s great his songwriting got that recognition.

It defies belief how many hooks they could cram into one song. I really recommend Out-of-State Plates too, it’s an odds-and-ends compilation but there’s some lovely stuff on it.

I was listening to Valley Winter Song yesterday (knew he was very ill) and it really resonated more than ever with how things feel at the moment - locked down, waiting out the bad times and hoping the good times will eventually come back.


Katy Perry does a respectable cover of this.

Awful news, this.
I remember buying that first FoW album on tape when it came out, and it became one of my favourite records - still is, it’s just so fucking good. Got proper obsessed with it, as they were my little MTV2 band. Terrible news, but will give that first album a big old blast today. One of my favourite songs of theirs (and just favourite songs in general) was this beautiful little number they snuck out as a b-side to Survival Car-


FOW helped fill a massive Weezer shaped hole in my life between 1996 and whenever it was they came back with The Green Album. If that reads like faint praise, it’s really not because I’d take their first two albums over pretty much anything Weezer have released this millennium. Stone cold power pop classics.

Awful, awful news.


I’d take their first two albums over Weezer’s first two albums but I completely agree with the comparison. Even the whole Stacey’s Mom thing seemed to line up with Weezer’s increasing reliance on comedy videos. It’s strange how one group went meteoric and one stayed kind of cult.