AdamJeffson’s Pursuit of Pop Perfection 2018 (Or, if you like, the Rolling Pop Thread)


New Sigrid. It’s a cracker.

Massive chorus and the breakdown/drop from 2:12-2:25 is absolute pop perfection.

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Yeah this bangs. Title track of her debut EP (out in March) too! :blush:


Liking this, thanks for sharing!

  • Pop Perfection
  • More like the 1985, amirite?

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Ukrainian pop pick of the year.


Not sure if I’ll still be welcome in this thread after this:


Some pop nuggets that made me smile this year:

The best from PC Music - although Easyfun also released a great single…

UK pop album of the year for me…

Channelling Talk Talk…

Twin Shadow is always good for pop nuggets…

Two upcoming stars of Swedish pop combine beautifully. Frida Sundemo is my goto after Robyn. She’s fantastic.


Five more because I can’t help myself.

She released an amazing single a couple of years ago “Woman Is a Word” - so I was looking out for her next album. And it’s full of pop gems like this…

This was a strong collaboration…

Australia representing well in this thread - so perhaps room for this charming young man?

J-Pop nugget - and possibly the hottest video of the year (I say at risk of sounding like a dirty old man).

Can’t have a pop thread without Chvurches


Oh, don’t worry, you’re welcome with me, I’ve become quite the poptimist this year! Though neither Ronson or Miley do much for me, that song’s great, it’s pure autumn.


She’s back <3


Jack River / Peking Duk collaboration:


Never listened to Froot, was it any good?

Mad that it’s been 10 years since the Family Jewels


Talking about Hatchie in the Shoegaze / Dreampop thread, but could just as easily fit in this thread:

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I really liked that fools gold song from last year so there’s hope for Jack yet


Yeah, I don’t think I exactly love it. A horizontal thumb from me.

(Fool’s Gold is, of course, double thumbs up)

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We are being teased.

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Next series of Queer Eye is using her next track as title/teaser music. Sounds like a 100% Carly Banger and no mistake:


some of this is pretty good
Billie eilish


I like Sure, not 100% convinced by the rest. But I’ll be keeping an eye on this

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