Add ONE 2020 song that you think everyone should hear to this spotify playlist

No but I didn’t mind it

Well, that’s something at least

Got a AA Williams. What a nice playlist this is so far. Stress Fracture immediately after Pariah amused me


Maybe a 15 minute song isn’t the best fit eh :man_facepalming:

How about…

couldn’t find it on spotify! added this one for ya

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Someone who hasn’t added something yet needs to add an RTJ track

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might be best left off anyway due to its length

edit: and I’d have managed to cheat with TWO songs

Prior to the 15 minute track chat I was actually wondering if you should add a song length rule?

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Yeah, the rule is no taking the piss


I’ve added Daniel Avery. Great idea for a playlist! Can we do a definitive one track playlist in December too!

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Like that jason isbell tune a lot

That pariah one is quite a slab as well, like it

@colossalhorse nice choice. Such a good album and not sure that any track stands out as an obvious ‘best’ but Flavor Flav was also the one I’d put on my own 2020 highlights playlist.

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Yeah it’s not an album with any major standouts hut something about that low key beat sends a shiver down my spine as soon as it starts. Woods is on an incredible run atm - this is the first Armand Hammer album that’s really grabbed me though. Need to give the other ones another go, see if they click now.

Added something from the Denzel Curry album

I have added one. You’re welcome.

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Can’t go wrong with Disq.

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@dodecalicious please step into my office

I added a Honey Harper track since AA Williams is on there already.

Haha missed the whole point didn’t I oops

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Let’s all admit this playlist is highly disjointed.

On a positive note, I would not have otherwise become familiar with cupcakKe. HOLY SHIT!