address twin

Post a pic of your address twin

This house has the same house number and street address as mine only it’s in Carrickfergus

Thanks for your time

The road I live on is the only one of it’s name apparently

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I live at number 797 so it’s a unique number+Road combo

My childhood home has lots of address twins. Here’s an address twin of mine in Wigan

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A delightful car park in Australia.

Wow this looks like the family home of another diser in a nearby area!!

My house shares the same address as this cheeky little bungalow in Bicester.

Aw that’s sweet

Would swap

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Might want to edit this so your actual address isn’t shown (I used a screenshot).


Yeah guess I’ll delete that )

Definitely haunted

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Google maps says I don’t have a house twin.

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There are only two other roads with the same name as mine. Neither have as high a house number as mine.

Will look it up later but I know for a fact that there is a carbon copy of our estate in Brixham, same name, same style bungalows and everything. There is also a place in Wilmslow.

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Had to slightly modify my address. Check out this car port in Birmingham


Somewhere near Shrewbieland

Great way of working out other people’s addresses, this thread!