Adele, will she ever release and album not reflecting her age?

19, 21, 25. She will surely maintain this, or will she?

Other albums / artists with year / age numbers allowed.

Big fan of this song about how it feels to be an ageless warlock, having lived one thousand, nine hundred and seventy nine years of your immortal life while everyone you ever knew passes away in what feels like an instance. Tragic


The preview image on that video very unkindly makes her look like Buzz Lightyear

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Looking forward to 69

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Promises promises

Let’s hope she doesn’t release any more albums


This is the sparkling wit I joined DiS for way back when!

Hope I never find Someone Like You.

(A h8r)

Will she ever release an album that isn’t shite?

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Glad to be of service!

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She’s fine, m9s.

Some of her songs are bangers.

Obviously I hope she understands why she should pay tax these days.


We’re about to find it looks like

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The ‘photo of a fax of a photocopy of a screen print of an email’ vibes of this post are strong :smiley:


The cryptic promotion of the new LP has been well underway in Belfast for a few weeks now:


33rpm yoa

She wasn’t 25 when she released 25.

She wasn’t 21 when she released 21, it’s the age she was when she wrote it (or started writing it or something like that), so I guess the same is true of 25.

Yes. So the new one won’t be named “33” if it is indeed coming out this year.

Probably the largest disconnect then