Adele wins 5 grammys

Or more like 5 grannys! Because she makes music for grannys.

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Can’t be arsed with being outraged at popular awards anymore (unless something offensive wins or whatever)


Old white guys don’t give major awards to rap and R&B acts yet again, everyone is stunned by this.

Obligatory mention


Looked at the list of nominations yesterday - there are about 8,500 awards categories at the Grammys, the ceremony itself must be torture to attend.


at least she kanye’d herself

I like Adele. Songs and person. She’s a solid human being. Shits all over Beyonce and most others as well.

I couldn’t tell you anyone who has ever won a Grammy, ever. See also: the Emmys.

Adele’s great, but it feels like an award for her actually being able to sell records and make money according to the old music industry model rather than based on actual musical merit

In a parallel universe, Duffy has just won half a dozen Grammys for her mega-selling fourth album

Remember when a thread about Adele losing weight was one of the major drivers of traffic to the old site?

I reckon you could have a decent guess

enjoy looking at the dresses in a how the hell does that stay up/on, keep those in etc.

Big fan of Solange’s dress last night

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Still tickles me that she supported Tilly and the Wall.

Hometown Glory is a bit of a tune though right?

Yeah, probably. They don’t stick in my head though. I can tell you Oscar winners, can do quite a few Brit Award winners, but Grammys and Emmys are pretty unmemorable