Admin announcement: Deleting accounts


As most of you will know, we have recently had some significant debate around the issue of deleting user accounts on these boards: Is it possible, who is it (not) possible for, what are the different options, etc. A lot of conflicting information was posted even from us admins/mods, so here is an attempt to clear up some of the confusion:

  1. It is now possible to fully delete user accounts, should the need arise. We will first need to get the system to delete all posts ever made by the user in question, and then the user profile itself can be deleted. Not anonymised, but completely gone.

  2. We will generally prefer to anonymise accounts/posts or suspend users, as these options don’t mess up threads etc. quite as much. However, we are of course open to completely nuking an account if there is sufficient reason. “I need a break for a week” will typically not be sufficient reason. “DiS is harmful to my mental health and I need to break away from it” would probably be sufficient reason. We will very much look at these cases on an individual basis.

  3. If you have come to us in the past and requested that your account be deleted, but we have not given you the option of full and total deletion of your posts and account, it is because we haven’t had that option before quite recently. We always try to explain what options are available for each individual user, and in the past this will have varied based on how much you have posted, how long you have been a member, etc.

  4. We can currently delete posts that are up to 1460 days old, ie. 4 years. If someone who have older posts than that should need to get their account deleted, we will look into it when it happens and inform you of which options are available.

  5. We have both @moderators and @admins on these boards. For requests about deleting accounts, it is preferable if you contact admins (ie. me and @wewerewerewolvesonce – you can contact us individually or by using the @admins tag). However, if you personally feel more comfortable contacting one of the @moderators, then please feel free to do so – it’s simply a matter of staying on top of things for us two admins.

I will probably have forgotten something here, so do feel free to put forward any questions you might have – in this thread or via DM or whatever.

wr & wwwwo
& the mod squad


This doesn’t effect me at all, but you guys seem to have put a lot of work into finding a solution to all this
Well done team!


(PS: Still working on the newsletter/digest thing so will save that for its own thread when the time comes!)


we were werewolf weeuns once?



For the avoidance of doubt, if your account is deleted, the following will all be removed as well as your profile.

  • all posts made by you
  • all posts in any topic/thread started by you
  • all PMs sent by you
  • all PMs in a thread started by you.

This includes any to the admin or moderator inboxes (this in part led to the confusion the other week as not everyone with access had seen the relevant PMs before they were deleted).


Nice work getting a solution in place for this, guys

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It was already there, just some of us (ahem) weren’t clued up on it, and it wasn’t made public.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

So just to check my understanding, if someone wants their account nuked then the entire thread (all posts by anyone) for every thread they started will be deleted?

Yep think so. Let me check with someone I have deleted, hang on

Yeah, certainly looks like it, just as zealz said above. So yeah, it’s not our first go-to solution, but can see why it might be necessary in certain cases.

Yeah I think that needs to be clearly discussed when someone comes to you about this and why anonymising is preferable so that other people’s content isn’t unreasonably affected


Again, just to be clear, the other options are:

  1. Anonymising: Your username, in every post you’ve ever made and on your profile page, will be changed to “Anon384389983579” or similar.
  2. Suspension: Your username stays the same, but you are blocked/banned/suspended from the site and cannot login. And then there are milder versions of this one: Temporary suspension, silencing, etc. Again, we will always try to figure out the right course of action for each specific case – although obviously we’re all hoping there won’t be too many cases, as we like having you all around!

Yup, absolutely.

I wasn’t aware of this until seeing this post.

Personally, I don’t think we should be deleting accounts unless there is a legal or moral reason to do so.

Deleting all posts can remove entire threads if a person started a thread, meaning that many users will have their posts deleted. Or their replies losing any context, which could be more problematic for some people.

Of course deleting/hiding selected posts is an option but we don’t employ our admins and this shouldn’t be a given that they/we have time to do this.

I’d be curious to know in what instance making an account fully anonymous isn’t sufficient?

I ask as almost everyone posts with semi anonymity due to aliases and usernames. Unless you knew very specifically what you were searching for it’s very hard to find.

Also I don’t think having an account deleted should be a given. If someone has abused this service (particularly for DMs that we can’t read) then allowing their account to be removed on request could delete incriminating history that admins are not aware of.

I asked in the previous thread about the possibility of deleting all the old selfie threads for those worried their face is out there etc. Has anything been agreed on that?

I think people have had a rethink in recent times and also removing peoples faces will put more people at ease if they’re worried about their face being linked to their username etc.

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edit - misread what you were getting at.

Again I’ll cite GDPR. Ultimately it doesn’t matter unless you’ve been served a warrant or we mods can demonstrate there’s no personally sensitive data in that user’s history. They have the ultimate right to deletion.

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