Admin day

Try and get it done today, eh? You know what I mean, and you were meant to do it weeks/months ago.


What are you, my executive function coach?!

No, I’m speaking to them later. First order of business: explaining why I haven’t done any of the things we discussed last time. Very meta.



got a list of stuff I need to buy which I’m trying to work through, that’s sorta admin right?

this sounds a lot like something my admin might say, and we all know what they’re like

Don’t wait until after lunch, you won’t do it after lunch. LEARN FROM YOUR OWN PAST BEHAVIOUR.

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I have a letter I need to send to my pension provider that’s so dull I can barely look at it without falling asleep. I want it out of my life so will send it at lunch time, ty SDD.

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my time sheets are currently 5 weeks behind

So much paperwork to sort out before I travel back to the UK on Monday.

It can be done. Even low-level stuff – look down there ↓, you’ve probably got suggested topics. Are you going to read 2/3rds of them? No chance. Some of them have got hundreds, maybe thousands of replies to catch up on. Mark them as read, or better yet, mute them.


Here’s a boring admin task I need to do

Someone’s been illegally dumping rubbish on my street, so Dublin City Council have asked me to post (post!) them proof that I’m paying for private rubbish collection.

Private sector efficiency, babyyyy!!



This thread actually prompted me to:

:white_check_mark: book my day 2 test
:white_check_mark: complete my passenger locator form
:white_check_mark: get all of my documents together
:white_check_mark: phone the NHS and my GP to try and get my vaccination status recognised by the NHS


Fantastic! Everyone, THIS is what you could be achieving!

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ugh god, please don’t. got so much to do. going up to manchester in ten days. need to finish a job which is now getting super stressful, gotta finish writing music and lyrics that i’m going to record, gotta book travel and sort accommodation not only for myself but several other people who are coming and going. book a second studio and a piano player and a violin player who are all being flaky and not getting back to me.

*starts hyperventilating*

i guess you could call me… stressed eric lol

I need to book a place on a course. To do that I need to pay with my company credit card. My company credit card has expired. I need to find out the relevant person to contact to get a replacement card, then when that’s done, go on site to collect it. I can’t currently get on site because my security pass has expired. I have no idea who to contact about that.

This is like the end boss of admin tasks. Think I’d rather apply for a mortgage again.

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Email “” with all of what you just said.

I could just not do the course

364 days a year I’d support that approach, but not on admin day