ADMIN ON BEHALF OF ANON USER: A note on alt accounts

The following (everything not in bold type) is posted on behalf of a member of the community who would like to remain anonymous. They will be reading the thread and can communicate through me if they so wish.

A note on alt accounts.

I recently set up an alt account after years of not bring able to post freely because of domestic violence and stalker behaviour.

I got a notification to say that a post I made that I stupidly realised could reveal who I was had received the “first share” badge. So someone has shared this boring post and there’s really no reason to other than to dm someone or post publicly that “i know something you don’t know, look who this user is”

I’d like to think we’re more respectful and grown up than this and that we might consider why someone has gone to great lengths to set up an anon account. Yes I could just stop posting altogether but this place is a lifeline for me so I felt it better all round to still be part of the community but in a safe way that meant I could stop worrying about being spied on by someone in my personal life.

Think this is something to consider for users in future, I know the people discussing it probably meant no harm but I cant tell you the anxiety and fear I felt getting a notification that the post i was worried about had been shared (which must only happen for new users as never seen that badge before!)


Dis can be not-great for this. When I switched user name years ago on the old boards to essentially try and free up speculation and scrutiny over what was going on at the time, within less than 24 hours someone (who still posts now) darkly sent me the pm ‘I know who you are’. That was about 9 years ago now so would be nice to think this wasn’t still going on

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looked at the first share badge definition and it says it is when a user uses the share button to share a post/topic, so would be given to the sharer rather than the author of the post being shared I think? could they have hit the share button by mistake?

I def remember early on that it sort of ‘encourages’ you to keep posting by telling you when your stuff gets shared and so on. I think.

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that would so discourage me


I can see that Theo has been typing a reply for a while so I feel confident we’re about to get some good intel here

Edit: Fucks sake Theo


Not a lot to say but I absolutely wish there was more I could do for the Anon poster to help.

Anyway will be very mindful of this in the future, of course.



Worth stickying this for a week so everyone can read it?

No idea really.

About to do kiddie bed time so not really able to do some tests either.

I looked at my first share badge and it was for a post I made in the decision thread that I shared to the furniture thread, it shows the link below the shared post to where it was shared to but I guess it wouldn’t do that if DM-d, guess that is inconclusive as I was both sharer and shared

I don’t understand how the ‘First Share’ badge works. On mine, at least, the definition given doesn’t tally with the post it links to.

As far as I understand it, DiS is a public forum, and like Twitter, you’ve not really got any way to know whether someone has copied and pasted the url into another window at all, unless they use the formal retweet/share button within the website.

Yeah I don’t have the First Share badge at all yet I am sure I’ve linked to at least one of my posts off site before.

I guess I didn’t use the share button though because I wouldn’t naturally do that.

I think ttf is right, it seems like you get it when you use the site’s sharing function yourself (I seem to have got it when I posted an OP of a travel thread as a post in a new travel thread about the same place)

I don’t know if you also get alerted in some way if someone shares one of your posts for the first time

Can someone explain to an idiot what the Share function is?


When you do this:

it also gives you the option to share it on twitter, facebook or via an e-mail:


So does it count as a share if you accidentally click on the link button, or do you actually have to post the link somewhere for it to count?

I ask because I can’t tell you the number of times my fat fingers have hit the ‘report’ button by accident


there’s a button that says share (bottom of the thread or click the three dots on any post)

just gives you a link you can either copy + paste or share directly to social media

Also, I hope whoever it was isn’t discouraged from posting and sticks with us


I think you have to say where you’re sharing the post to (either by clicking the twitter, facebook or e-mail icon) or by copying and pasting the url into another post on the forum.

I do not think it counts as a share if you copy and paste the url into another website or blog, for example.


That’s not very helpful