Admin question: Should I delete these 3 threads?

Hey gang,

a little question for you:

There are 3 threads in the “Selfies” category that I haven’t deleted (which I do with all selfie threads, mostly on a weekly basis) because I kind of assumed people would like to keep them around (they were posted in the Selfies category to stop them from going out in the digest e-mails etc back when that was still a thing).

BUT I thought I’d just check with you all and let DiS democracy decide via our favourite medium, the mighty poll. Have been meaning to do this for some time, luckily I have a lot of work to procrastinate right now so it’s finally happening.

Threads in question are:

  • Delete all 3
  • Leave all 3
  • Delete some, leave some (please comment below)
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(Please ignore my vote, just doing it so the results will display automatically when I open the thread rather than having to click a button)

Deleting them means we get to start new ones at some point.


delete the whole site!

  • Don’t mind
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Can see why people would want to delete the photos ones but the username one seems harmless enough?

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Can’t delete the professional photos one, it’s got the only known instance of someone on the internet calling me hot

We can delete the thread as long as that post is preserved and preferably pinned

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It’s all replaceable. Delete away I say.

ohh, must have missed the where’s your username from thread so im off to have a gander

(think maybe the other two could go as they are pic based)

I’ll leave this open for the day but it does look like we’re going to be deleting all 3 at this rate

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Nice to have a clearout once in a while imo.

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Don’t usually care about photos threads but that Post a pic of you at 20 one is great. I’ll add to it if you decide to keep it

Deleting them now as per the poll.

Will from now on assume that any threads posted to the selfies category are meant to be deleted, for your FYIs (but please don’t post more threads there just for auto-deletion, it’s a very manual auto-deletion)


All of our posts should be deleted before we’ve pressed the Reply button


Then what would I do!?