Admissions (Adismissions?)

The other day a friend revealed that one of their exes used to play music on silent so that they could curate a better and cooler version of their music taste on

  • I have done this once or twice
  • I never did this

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It made me admit that yes, I did this a couple of times too.

Also days. Ha.

It also made me realise that this cool girl I used to follow on whose top artists was shit like gerogeregegegege and a load of other impenetrable noise was probably doing this too

I would just sign into my account? Seems a bit weird otherwise, moreso for dictating what they listen to than the added layer of espionage.
Oh wait I have misread this horribly nm

Never even had a, where are my indie points?


I still use and I play music on silent only if I’ve listened to it on a physical format earlier and want to scrobble it.

Never played anything on silent just to look good, that’s a step too far


Lastfm is still a big part of my life but I’d never do this because realistically, who’s ever going to look at my It has to be accurate, you’re just cheating yourself if it isn’t.

Jookstevens’s Music Profile | innit


My mate was obsessed with When he wasn’t looking I’d sneak into his room and stream a few hours of Simply Red with the volume off when he wasn’t looking.

He fucking hates Simply Red.


That’s upsetting

Obviously I no longer do this which is why my top artists look like this

Lol fuck.

Stopped using it around 2010. My top 10 is befitting a 20 year old wasteman


hope there’s a band called the wastemen and that they are good

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Oh hi why do you have my iPod from 10 years ago


I used to take off the kpop and jpop off my scrobbles though :sob: this was about 10 years ago

this has just reminded me to delete my cheers

Remember when people would reset their and wipe it clean and start afresh. Absolute cowards.


I do this, but only because my daughter has music on every bedtime and it would be so clogged up with the soundtracks to Frozen, Secret Life of Pets, Trolls and Sing if I didn’t that it would be useless for anything else.

Anything I listen to stays on there regardless of cool…and given that I dont follow anyone or have anyone follow me it makes little odds.

I did this to separate myself from my kerrang music phase when I joined these boards in 2008 so people wouldn’t judge me :flushed: dis was very judgy and I didnt want anyone to laugh at me for my 600+ slipknot and afi scrobbles

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Dear DiS,

What is a scrobble.

Thanks in advance