Adobe Anger Corner



Currently setting up page grids on InDesign. To make a layout showing boring things like catalogues and educational workbooks I have designed for money, to apply for jobs doing other similar boring strict grid things.

When I’ve done that, I’m working on something on After Effects. For fun, not for money. Masochism.

So it’s guaranteed that I will be swearing at the computer multiple times today.

Making stuff

still only vaguely understand how this stuff works despite using it everyday for about the last 10 or so years!


Have you thought about giving Scribus a try? Without sounding like one of those open source guys the cloud licensing aspect of Adobe kind of puts me off a bit.


Yeah that’s why I’m still on CS6 at home. There’s not a great difference in features, and it was the last version that was an outright purchase rather than month to month.

Most of those open source equivalents are worse than what Adobe put out though, like really basic and rough. Gimp is terrible. Like Adobe’s stuff is good and high quality, but every so often they decide to do maddening things or make bizarre decisions like not make two different programs they make work together properly, which is what makes you shake your fist at the screen. Like AfterEffects works with Photoshop like a dream, but not Illustrator, and there’s loads of basic stuff in AfterEffects that’s hidden and only appears if you hold down shift or option when clicking on stuff. Why did they choose to do that?


Can many people say different?


No-one puts baby in the Adobe Anger Corner