Adobe Creative Cloud


Anyone know anything about Adobe Creative Cloud?

Basically my subscription is renewing in a month, and fuck continuing to pay £50 a month when I’ve got no freelance work anyway. My boss says I can use my work licence at home anyway.

Problem is, I put my website together using Adobe Portfolio, and I quite like it. This is part of my subscription, and I’d lose it. Can I transfer it over to a different account? It might be quite easy to recreate, but I can’t be arsed. Failing that I’ll just knock something up on Squarespace or something, and have to pay £15 or so a month.

Thanks, DiS.


No idea, but a quick Google said you can do it by raising a ticket with Adobe support:

Though that was 2016, and looks like it’s not something they officially support, so best give it a go and see how you fare.


A successful conclusion to this conundrum:


Wow! What am I doing paying 50 a month!!!


WHAT THE FUCK, sorry, this was aimed at the post @Mistersteve

Is this real??


that is a bargain!!


Can’t believe I didn’t even get a thanks for trying to help, feel so betrayed.










Thanks @ma0sm, you’re a true hero.




Seriously tho, do you think I could do this?




how can they justify charging that much and then immediately discounting to like 25% just for asking?

Fucking greedy bastards


Thank you ma0sm :smiley:


The number of times I’ve gone to genuinely cancel some sort of service, and then get offered a ludicrous offer and think “Oh, maybe I should have done this before” and then completely forget about it and just pay full price for things is very large.


totally disgusting behaviour on their part isn’t it?


I used to get BT Broadband. Something like 1mb download speed for £25 a month.

I phoned to cancel, and they offered me 8mb download speed for £12 a month. Told them to stick it, went with Sky.