Adobe free trials etc


7 day free trial of Photoshop

Once it gets to the end of the trial, go to wherever you’ve got it installed, go in the ‘AMT’ folder, open application.xml with notepad, where it says ‘Data key=“TrialSerialNumber”’ and then a number, change the last digit to a different number. Save and close.

Congratulations you now have another 7 days. Repeat the process at the end of that 7 days.



gr8 hax m8


Doesn’t work


You’ve done it wrong then


All I want
Is four walls
And Adobe trials for my girls






cool do you know if it works on ALL the apps or just photoshop?


Or you could just download & install a patch & have free adobe products forever


haha check out this CS5 mug!!!



I forgot that you guys live in a country where websites are blocked

creative cloud 2016 is fully patchable


get a job as a graphic designer, then your company pays for a license you can use on two machines