Pricks, but they don’t really have any proper competition. (Stuff like Gimp isn’t cutting it).

Most infuriating Adobe product:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver
  • Premiere
  • Other

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Isn’t Flash owned by Adobe?





I’ve been told good things about Sketch. Unfortunately I need Premiere and After Effects as much as I need PS, InDesign and Illy, so the cloud it is. £50 a bastard month.

I’m still on CS6 at home for that reason. Luckily most of the stuff I need it for doesn’t need me to share files with other people who’ve upgraded.

Flash isn’t really a thing any more. Adobe bought Macromedia back in the day, but it’s all about html5 now for animated shit.

Tell that to my Chrome that keeps claiming the plugin is broken when I want to watch videos on Social Media.

(Luckily I don’t have to use any other Adobe products aside from Reader.)

Constant Illustrator annoyances:

  1. When you auto-trace an ink drawing, and it decides to make it greyscale rather than RGB and you don’t realise until you’re trying to change the colour and it won’t work

  2. When you’re trying to change the colour of something that should be a simple raster graphic and it just won’t for some reason until you turn it into a live paint group and expand it

  3. Why it lets you choose whether to crop to the artboard size or export the whole document when you export as some formats, but others it just dumps the whole document with no cropping.

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  1. Illustrator
  2. InDesign
  3. Dreamweaver

Thankfully nobody ever needs to use the last two.

I spent three months making pain charts on InDesign for an art supply company a couple of years ago. It was painful. Hundreds of photos of samples of different paint colours.

(Edit- that was meant to say “paint charts” but “pain charts” is equally accurate)

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This is basically spot on. My life, in three bullet points.

I just hate the way the universal tools don’t all work the same between the three. They’re all just slightly different for the sake of it, and it’s a total pain in the arse.

Illustrator makes it a total pain to fill in with colour though, given how easy it’s been in the past in much shitter packages.

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Unless I have a reason it has to be flat raster colour/saved as an Illustrator file, I actually do my colour on Photoshop.

Oh also, Photoshop opens Illustrator files completely happily and with a helpful transparent background. After Effects refuses to open them at all.

It’s the horrible moment of ‘do I attempt to recreate this in After Effects…?’.

The answer should always be no. That way madness lies. Give me an eps please.



was about to ask but i thought… best not

motherfuckers act like they forgot about Audition.

Sketch is very good, but we outsource quite a bit of development work and the company doesn’t use it so that rules it out for us. Also, its tricky to pick a point and say ‘that’s it - we’re switching over’ when you might have years worth of work in Photoshop, Illustrator etc etc.

I saw some people in t-shirts saying Adobe this morning (I think) but it wasn’t to do with the company, I wonder what that was…