Adopted an orphan baby monkey


I adopted a baby monkey after I found him on the side of the road next to his mother’s lifeless body. The baby didn’t know what to do and was sad and crying so I decided to take him with me and help raise him. So I decided to daily post a YouTube video of our baby monkey so everyone can see him. Here’s my YouTube channel:


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Hi CG.


Seems quite…tethered. Does it need to be so tethered? I mean, better tethered than dead, probably. Let the monkey run free maaaaannnn



IP is based in Delhi FWIW.


In the UK we call peanuts on the dumbell case ‘monkeynuts’ so I guess that’s why.


Have you taken him to a vet or whatever? Are peanuts even good for this type of monkey?


post - username etc


So,what you’re saying is, CG has moved to India? Blimey






what’s he called?


I don’t think we need to know about this


Hello all, thank you very much for watching my youtube videos. Can I humbly request if you could share one of my videos on your Facebook profile, and ask all your friends to subscribe to my channel? Thank you again very much!




guy give it up now come on. i mean we all have a monkey. we just don’t make videos about it every day.


Something very “algorithmically-generated children’s video on YouTube” about this thread.