Adrianne Lenker

Not a normal artist.

Saw her live for the first time tonight. It’s easy to get carried away, but i honestly think she might be an absolutely exceptional songwriter, guitarist and vocalist.

There’s specifically something about the sort of…modulation of her voice that’s completely unique. What a guitarist. Sometimes you see someone play who’s just all over the neck of a guitar, it was like watching Bert Jansch.

Absolutely fucking brilliant.


Seen Big Thief a few times and her gig at The Union Chapel a few days ago. Excellent gigs.

Yeah she’s amazing, based on what she’s produced so far I think there’s a reasonable shout to call her one of the most gifted songwriters we have right now

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Capacity was the best record of 2017 imo. Mary being one of the best songs i’ve heard in yonks.


Yep, think it will rank amongst best of century for me, v excited for new one too


Was at Union Chapel gig this week and it was extraordinary. Have been trying to work out what tunings she was using from the YouTube.

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Seen big thief a couple of times. And each time they’ve played a new song or something that she says she’s just wrote that day/week and it just blows you away.


Both times I have seen Big Thief they have been incredible, also that each time I have not recognised half the set because of new songs and had them stuck in my head. I think they may have played Orange at one of those shows and it just blew me away having not heard it before.