Adult education courses

You ever done any of these? Yes, we all know that you’ve seen the Simpsons episode about it and your ability to post bits from the orange eating class scene and are very impressed by it.

I’ve sent off an enquiry about an introduction to music editing course that starts next week, and an entry level electronics course in the new year, both at the local regional college.

Why? Because learning is fun! Also to suck less and build pedals, respectively.

I did a coding one a few years ago. It was good but taught me that coding is not for me.

You mean learning about porn?

I’m looking at an Open University English Literature degree at the moment because learning is fun, I probably should have just studied that the first time round and having a second degree might look impressive on a CV. Does anyone have any experience of OU? Thing that’s putting me off at the moment is access to decent support and whether I’ll have the time to dedicate to a module a year.

just eat the damn orange



Yes, learning Russian


I went to Japanese classes for a year or so until the local college in Newcastle cancelled them due to a lack of interest.

I’d quite like to get back into it at some point, or maybe take a tradesman’s course, to help with DIY stuff.

Not personally but my partner has done a bunch, mostly art and creative writing ones, organised through the local council’s programme. She has generally found them to be of a very good quality and affordable.

I keep thinking about doing a photography one but I don’t have the confidence really.


I’d happily give you a schoolin’

Dead Cells course?

I haven’t played that for months!

Did a Latin class years ago.

And now I’m the Pope.


Did a creative writing one a few years ago. It was really good and made me want to do more courses and learn some more stuff. Obviously I’ve done nothing of the sort - if anything I’ve been aggressively unlearning things ever since. Really should look at some other courses though.

*Summus Pontifex, surely?

Something about this story doesn’t add up.

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Oh right, it’s all Minecraft now, isn’t it

Did a SQL course which was great but then I have not used it in my everyday work/life so obviously forgotten everything

I like the pope
The pope smokes dope