Advances in bench technology

My ex had a Bench branded hoodie and often when she would wear it I would sit on her lap and when she complained I would say “Sorry, I thought you were a bench”.


Surprised you’re not still together going on that.

It makes me feel happy that someone finally acknowledges the good in this action

Life’s a bench


  • 0-10kg
  • 11-20kg
  • 21-30kg
  • 31-40kg
  • 41-50kg
  • 51-60kg
  • 61-70kg
  • 71-80kg
  • 81-90kg
  • 99-100kg
  • 101+kg
  • I don’t know what a bench press is
  • I don’t know how much I can bench press
  • I am not willing to disclose that information

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That’s a hot item. 100+ people are looking at it right now

Only 3 left online

Prefer this variety personally:

Balonz threads are extremely popular


Ironically much harder to bang on one of those than a normal bench.

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Much easier to be massively pissed off with one another, while remaining in close proximity, though. Which in many ways is the real meaning of love.

You’d need a garden that had equally nice views in opposite directions though.

“No, you sit facing the fence you haven’t finished painting”.

You don’t need nice views when you’re in love.

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Simple ways to enhance the humble bench:

  • Cup holders
  • Footstools
  • Wider arms

reckon you’ll ever sit on a public bench again? it’s over for me. covid disease vehicles the lot of them

  • benched
  • I WILL bench again

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Cushioning on top of the bench, enclosed in a fabric.

I look forward to sitting on a public bench again