Advent Calendar Audit 2021

Show us your advent calendars!

Going to get mine from the supermarket tonight. Not a massive chocolate fan so might go for a Haribo one instead but I did that last year

No posts moaning about adults having calendars

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Dr Mrs Epimer got me a coffee one. Quite excited.


Looks promising, would have liked one with a #25 though

My mum’s got me another one for when I go home :relieved:


It hasn’t arrived yet (1 more day to go!), but we’ve got a DIY synth kit calendar, with different components each day. Mainly aimed at kids I think (I’m past this point really in terms of making synth kits), but seems fun and will have an extra little noisemaker by Christmas.

It’s this, although I did not get it from the so-called ‘Menkind’ website:


Got sent a Hotel Chocolat one because they’re a client.

Probably just stick with that. No money spent.


I know they are the devil but K got me the brewdog advent calendar as a beery treat


My parents still buy me an advent calendar because I’m a baby (TBF a bunch of my friends still have parents paying their phone bill) and I have the Lindt one. Won’t get to open til Thursday evening at earliest though.

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Got one from my mum, but the whole thing is currently wrapped in gift paper with strict instructions not to open until tomorrow, so I’m not sure what kind it is yet. Pretty good odds it’s chocolate, though. I got her a tea calendar (pukka) which I got her once before and she looooved it. I’m a middle child so I have to do what I can for Child of the Year Award


only realised today that we haven’t got one, probably should rectify that - something standard and chocolatey will do the job for me

Standard Cadbury’s calendar.

I almost got tempted by the To Ol beer calendar when they had a free shipping black friday deal, but remembered that it would probably get some big customs charges slammed on it so I left it.


got a north brewing co beer one.


Got a Moo Free one. Haven’t had one for years, quite excited for daily chocolate

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I got Mrs f this one, reduced for a bonus

She got me a slightly more standard one but it’s downstairs and I can’t be arsed going all the way down there.



Prompted by this thread I just got a Montezuma calendar for the TV. Good that they do a specifically dark chocolate one as she considers milk chocolate to be the work of the devil.

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Oh alright then


I have a vegan one I left in my ma’s house. Going to be a good day when I pick that puppy up.

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Window for the 25th

  • Yes please. A big one.
  • No! it’s against the law.
  • No it’s against the law but it would be kind of nice

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Don’t think I could eat a whole tasty vegan every day until Christmas.