Advent Calendar Audit 2021

Mines just been delivered


I’ve bought my five year old daughter a pictures only advent calendar, can’t wait for tomorrow, it’s going to properly kick off.


This is just cruel. Run to the shop and get her a chocolate one this evening!


You’re much more grateful than I am :joy:



Cunning! When you get the creme egg bummer you can soften the blow with a teddy.

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Coz the mrs’ birthday falls not long after I sometimes get her one of them ridiculous ones as part of her bday present. But this year she’s doing well enough out of bday gifts so going classic and getting her a maltesers one

Creme egg is good!


Hmm we’ll see. I think the calendar might be a preemptive strike anyway to try to prevent me getting one of those tubs later in the month and then troughing my way through them over Christmas.

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Also got one of these, from grandparents. It’s nice but I do struggle to get excited about a tiny picture of a christmas pudding.

And then I’ve got a herbal tea one because I’m a real sophisticate


Just been to Sainywainywoowoo’s and they’ve run out! Cant believe I made the thread and I can’t join in the audit

A beautiful picture and you can like it.

selection in Asda now wasn’t great but secured a Lindt one so that’ll do the job. was either that, a Cadbury’s white chocolate one (I’d have been fine with this, my wife would not) or a Barbie one, think I chose wisely.

Got my husband a one with different kinds of Dairy Milk but he got me this so I feel guilty for not going bigger now

You pull out a leg each day and get a Colin face then there’s a big Colin face on Christmas Day


I’ve got a beer one, wife has a body shop one I think, wee man has a superhero one, other bairn has one also. No idea where they all are, to be honest.

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I’ve got the boxes from an old beauty advent calendar, to put little bits and bobs in for my daughter. Except it’s quite hard to find things that fit and I’ve not been very organised, so it’s only filled to day 9. I just need to stay one day ahead :sweat_smile:


Ah I love angela harding stuff, but yeah, gets some chocs in there or bore off ang.

In the Dot Orch household:

One made by my mum when Jimbo was born:

Playmobil one from me and my other half to Jimbo

Montezumas one for me and my other half to share after Jimbo’s gone to bed

Bonus one given to me by my boss

  • Leave the door open once you’ve opened it (easier to find the next one)
  • Close it again (aesthetics)

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