Advent Calendars


Has this been done already?

Got my eye on one but it’s £40 which is a bit steep.


is it a beer one


of course not, I’m not that guy.


I’m gonna get the Zoella one


Got my dearest the Snafflepig pork scratchings one (there is also a socks one I was tempted to buy him), and bought myself the M&S beauty one. had my finger hovering over the liberty one about ten times in the last week, but I think I have enough already.

Lots of decent looking beer and gin ones this year.


I think advent calendars should really just be some kind of chocolate.


You’re looking at 40 quid chocolate calendars mate? I don’t even know you any more!!!


Feast your eyes on this monster


Chocolates eh?
When I was in my early years my sister and I had an advent calendar which was a picture of a crib scene and we opened a window each day which revealed a picture of a shepherd, a king, an animal etc. The 24th and final one was a set of double doors which revealed a picture of the Baby Jeezus in his manger. We re-used the same calendar every year. It was unbelievably exciting.


shitttt i’m going to get the mrs a beauty one i reckon. just found a good page of reviews here:


:confused: have you made that at home?


for 40 bar? kin hell.


I’ll make you at home mate.


Gf’s mum got me a Dairy Milk one. I don’t want it, so more for her.


That was a nice gesture by her.


I won one in a pub panto recently and in a fit of gluttony, ate the doors for 8th, 9th, and 23rd, but then realised I should probably actually use it properly. Not looking forward to that two-day streak of no chocolate


I agree, except she forgot that I’m bereft of joy.


Already made one. Half the chocolates didn’t fit in the boxes so I had to eat them :woman_shrugging:


a different homophobic tweet behind every door?


I’ve got to be honest, my entire knowledge of the Zoella Advent Calendar scandal is just that there is a scandal. I don’t actually have a single clue what is going on with her, her tweets, her advent calendars or any aspect of her life really.