Advent Calendars


Obviously no one will be putting up their decorations at home until mid-December at the earliest, but it’s only a few days until the beginning of advent, so if you mark the season, you’ll be putting advent calendars up soon.

Do you have one? Two? If so, what sort? I see that some have mentioned that they’re getting beer or whisk(e)y ones in other threads.

We grew up with card advent calendars with pictures behind the windows and only moved to a chocolate one a couple of years ago. If felt like a big step.

But this year, as a kind of house-warming present, my mum made my brother and I new ones. They look amazing. Here’s a photo.

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How old’s your brother?


Two years younger than me.


Friend went to a Nordic Xmas fair the other day and spotted a salmiakki advent calendar. For either wrong people like myself who like the stuff, or true masochists.


Gf’s mum brought me a Dairy Milk one this weekend. She hasn’t been told about my feelings on receiving gifts.


Urgh. A friend of mine brought a load of that back from Norway and took a huge bag to ATP once. Horrid stuff.


Actually Advent began yesterday, you heathen.


Not according to Cadbury’s, it doesn’t…


Apology accepted.


You’re probably not getting enough ammonia in your life. I like the cream rock they do with salmiakki crystals on the outside. You can also get salmiakki choc-ices in Finland.


Might as well just get a big chocolate bar. Usually neck the whole thing immediately anyway because I have the self control of an untrained puppy, so.


At the age of 11 my parents stopped getting us advent calendars because “we were too old for them”.

Haven’t had one since.


One of my most shameful childhood memories is hiding in my room eating advent calendar chocolates from future days.


You’re a big boy now, Geoff, you can buy one if you want!


I’ve just never bothered. Bought my wife one yesterday though but she always forgets to eat them so bangs a week’s worth down on a Sunday evening. I fail to see the point. Although I do love Christmas so anyone getting firmly stuck in with what gives them yuletide glee is fine by me.


some yoofs broke into our house when i was a kid, and we had some salmiakki that a swedish friend had given us on the kitchen counter. they ate some, didn’t like it and spat it out all over the floor. one of them also did a poo on the floor. and they stole my walkman. got it back, though, thanks to some improbably efficient tunisian police work (or possibly vigilante justice of some kind, i’m not sure)


There’s quite a lot going on in this story.


Well liquorice is a laxative …


Buying one for your wife every year counts as having an advent calendar, really, I think.


So many twists.