Advert slogans/jingles that got stuck in your head and never left

NOT for classics like “I’m lovin’ it” or things that still run like GoCompare. Just any outdated or long-forgotten ads that you will never be rid of

This pops into my head whenever someone says they’ve got new shoes, and any time I’ve said it out loud I’ve just been met with blanks stares :neutral_face:


Fifty P!

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Always remembered this phone number, it was the one we’d prank call from phone boxes years later:


Rides! Slides! Toboggan run! who’s the uk’s number one Guaranteed all weather fun…


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West of Scotland special:

Glens, Hutchison, Robertsons AND Stepek!

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Take me all the way to Crealy Paaaaarrrk
(The number one adventure park)
So much to do you won’t know where to staaaaaart
All year! All weather too!
So much to see, so much to do…


there’s nowhere like Trago Mills Trago Mills Trago Mills!!!

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Tresemme, Tresemme, TRESEMME!

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I said ya BAAAAA one, you get one free, ya BAAAAAA one, you get one free

Never looked up who he was or what became of him before:


'ave it!

745 9494! The Mortgage Point!

I am resigned to the fact that I will have “Ring YEB’s Christmas line, on Leeds double four eight one nine nine” in my head for all eternity

Everyone in my friendship group does the ‘New Shoes’ thing.

You all do the full ‘Riiiiii-cola!’ when you see a packet by the till in the supermarket, right?

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Call oh eight hundred, to, fifteen thousand

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‘The Motormouth’

They’re gonna taste great
They’re gonna taste great
I can hear the sound of Frosties hititng my plate

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The other one like that which I still sing is:

This is even worse than I remember :confused:

Got told off at school for writing all the lyrics down for a mate