Advert slogans/jingles that got stuck in your head and never left

…and you could hear them in Nairobi!

I remember ITV got in trouble over it


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Me and my housemates used to sing along to these Lloyd’s TSB ads, extremely loudly and intentionally badly. Sorry neighbours.

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Also everyone over a certain age remembers “woah bodyform”

But I was at a party circa 2009 where there was a spotify playlist playing, and whoever’s spotify it was didn’t have premium, so every few minutes we kept getting this ad for an advertising company that had clips of various iconic adverts, including “woah bodyform, bodyformed for you”. I probably heard it more that night than in the 90s when the original ad ran.

(Obviously everyone sang along)


This one comes with a very heavy content warning for vivid images of car accidents, lots of blood and screaming. Pretty unpleasant stuff

The song is good though. The old Irish car crash ads were unbelievable, I remember being terrified of them as a child. Thankfully the DOE doesn’t seem to do such graphic ads anymore

Give 'em a lift - ooh ooh - with Cookeen. Only just realised this was an ad for lard.

OH MY GOD YES. Every time I hear that theme from Carmen my brain adds those words.

Glad we’re not the only ones

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Also why was the BBC doing internet shopping

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I can’t hear Tom Jones’ Delilah without adding “He’s only gone and had his Weetabix” into the chorus


Ian Dury covering an Alexei Sayle comedy number to promote a global megacorp will never leave me…

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My son’s name is Nicholas, and my preferred method of getting his attention is… well, you can imagine.

Re Record not Fade Away


This has been stuck in my head for 30 years now.


yep it has completely ruined that piece of music for me. infuriating.

my name is Larry Speare, I sell carpets and furniture…

(I actually can’t remember the exact words)

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I never went to Crealy, but I went to Woodlands on a school trip in year 6 and it was everything I’d hoped it’d be

imo, the slides were better than the rides and the toboggan run, but that’s just me

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Obviously I had no idea who Gil Scott-Heron was at the time, but I’ve never really stopped saying his bit.

In this ilk, one of the things in the 2020 Pottery Throw Down with Melanie Sykes was a play on the Boddingtons advert.

I went to Woodlands one Summer holiday. Liked the dinghy rides but grazed my arm going down a big slide. Probably the closest I’ll ever get to Action Park