Advertising exec in being awful shocker


But it actually is a shocker. Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere


I really want to know what was pretty much fair game in ad land.


Don Draper’s not half as slick as he used to be, eh?


I cant believe this is real, sorry


I want to feel shocked that young men still feel entitled to make these kinds of thoughts public but I don’t suppose I am really.

Are we really still raising boys like this?

I used to hear this kind of talk a lot when I was younger but I thought that it would be much less prevalent now.

I wonder how prevalent empathy deficit is in our society. Seems like an awful lot of problems we have are caused by people who won’t, or perhaps find it difficult, to consider other people’s feelings.


It may not be, that’s a comforting thought.

Just a scam to get a lot of internet attention.

Let’s hope so.


It’s real.


I’d like to think at worst it was real but written as a joke to send to his mates and didn’t actually get sent out to the company.


Bless he still thinks ‘Ad Land’ is a thing


Feels like it’s not much better if it’s not meant to have been seen by everyone else :grimacing:

(Does remind me of that old computer support transcript that ended with the guy insulting the customer and it turned out the main bulk was real and that bit was just him relating to a friend what he’d wished he’d been able to say )


It was a simple lampoon apparently.


“The & Partnership”

Fuck those people.


How are you meant to say that? The Ampersand Partnership?


‘we will not tolerate emails of this kind being sent in the future’

Well that’s magnanimous of you, mate.



At least that’s what’s going in in my head now you total bastardRUDOLF.


I hear BrewDog have already offered him a job


Is this an advert?


Still not the worst agency name I’ve heard in the last few years. That belongs to this horror show




i’m a marketer and have had to have a few meetings with people from agencies like this. the lot of them need firing into the sun, tbqfhumble.