Advertising formats which are only used to advertise one thing


Side of milk cartons - missing children
Polystyrene boards attached to lampposts - Drum & Bass nights in Vauxhall
Banners attached to the end of planes - Calls for football managers to resign

Is that all of them?




Nominated for niche thread of the year


Buses: Brexit


sandwich boards - the end of the world is nigh


comically large drinks cans attached to cars - red bull


Trees: Relationships 4Eva


attached to a human sandwich boards, obviously


limited time mcdonalds menu items - films


Toilet walls: good times

(Chic were wise to change their early stage name)


Actually, the back of bus tickets always had offers of McDonalds or Subways on and nothing else. That’s another one,


Large cardboard arrow - golf sale


Premier League football shirts: Betting companies AMIRIGHT?!! :money_with_wings:


I miss the days when shirt sponsors were electronics companies or car manufacturers.


or brown ale


what IS nice - is that we were able to buy a (massively overpriced) Newcastle shirt for our oldest without any sponsor logos at all. is that a new thing? obviously just a cynical move because middle class hoity toity parents don’t want their kids walking round pimping betfair or wonga but I appreciated it.


All staff email: biscuits in the kitchen from Madrid or wherever (thinly-veiled I had a holiday mail)!!


£3 extra, isn’t it?

I think it’s partly to do with the middle class hoity toity parents, but also because many fans have religious objections to wearing gambling and interest-gaining loan brands on their clothes. Makes business sense for the club to offer that.


I can just about get away with the largest juniors shirt size so I used to go with the non-sponsor version during our spell of Asian Betting Company No. 42718.

Think it’s Intersport now so that’s alright.


Homemade paper leaflets in plastic wallets attached to lampposts - Lost cats