Advertising that you are unembarrassed to admit has worked on you

That thread title is a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it, but you get the gist. Which advertising has influenced your consumer choices? Not in a sub-conscious way, but a ‘haha that’s funny, I’m going to buy those biscuits as a direct result of that advert’ way.

I only buy PG Tips teabags because of the monkey in the adverts. I find it both cute and funny.

I’m in the process of starting a website on Squarespace to hawk mattresses that come in boxes


I’ve now got mesothelioma.

those dove spray adverts that’re like we’re definitely not gonna leave white marks on all your black clothes


This bloody bollocks got me all excited and it was fully disgusting:


I bought a 3D printed glowing moon because of Facebook, no regrets

they look the sickliest thing ever

Fucking hate those meerkat wankers but by christ they dole out some cheap cinema tickets.

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whenever there’s an advert for really strong mints or cough medicine or menthol sweets i’ll probably end up buying that.

like when someone has a mint and their face goes WHUMP

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Got a targeted Facebook ad for a Star Wars live orchestra concert and bought tickets immediately

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I really want to try Buckley’s

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I am also considering purchasing one!

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Those “this is the best budget pen in the world” ones

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you won’t regret it. though I’ve seen some complaints about the new levitating rotating version

Whenever there’s a new maccies chicken burger thing I’m usually there within 24 hours

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the Big Mac advertising at the IMAX at Waterloo is almost certainly to blame for at least a couple of the McDonald’ses I’ve had over the last week or two

(didn’t get a Big Mac either time so it wasn’t that effective, but sold the concept of McDonald’s very well)

also: as soon as the annual McDonald’s Monopoly thing starts, I am there asap. same if they start giving away glasses because it’s the Olympics/World Cup etc.

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But cliche but I often enjoy the humour in VW advertisements. It doesn’t make me rush out and buy a car but it does influence how I perceive them as a company, emissions scandals notwithstanding

‘what’s wrong with peckham?’


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media conspiracy against everything I love innit.

The monopoly is such a killer on both the waist line and bank balance

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