Adverts affecting site usability on mobile


Quite difficult to see what I’m typing with the ad in the way.


I had the exact thing a few hours ago on that Oasis advert. It’s gone now and things are back to normal.


Yup dealing with this right now. @sean!


Thanks for letting me know. Someone from our ad agency was adding advertising tags on here. Wasn’t aware it was happening.

The forums are costing waaaaay too much to keep them ad-free, sadly.


It’s back.


Happening to me as well on chrome/android.


same here. Also, if you decide to abandon a reply, the pop up box to confirm it appears directly behind the advert, which makes it tricky to use. can scroll right to the top of the page and it seems the ad disappears, but not ideal


Yup be got the same problem sadly, practically unusable.


I have asked for these changes to be urgently rolled back.

I wasn’t aware any changes were happening to the main site before being tested in a development area.


Tis better now :slight_smile: hope you can get the ads sorted, looks like the header of the site was preventing the ad from reaching the top of the page


Well it was a nice new board while it lasted


Easy come, easy go.