Adverts for shorts and trousers

Very, very funny IMO

Blokes fucking leaping around and doing parkour and sliding over car bonnets and stuff but in a way that is supposed to look “every day”


I’ve never seen an advert for these. Only Jeans have adverts I believe

I guess Jeans are trousers

Get the cricket on, mate. They’re showing an advert for “shorts” between overs every now and then

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Shouldnt be called shorts but long undies imho

I haven’t paid any attention to cricket coverage since that really old posh guy died

But they’re ovies?

Prince Phillip?


Look i dont make the rules

Different old posh guy. Had a nickname, used to commentate on the radio. You know the one!

“By Jove there’s a crickets transpiring forthwith!” that guy

I think you mean Henry ‘Blowers’ Blofeld? He didn’t die, just retired…

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Oh! Well fuck him then


Anyway folks, back to the shorts!

“The perfect 24-hour trouser” - GQ


should trousers be referred to as longs?

I think, yes

shorts and longs

Very funny

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Think it might be a little too knowing, there’s no way the guy sliding on chair isn’t a zany TV advert bit

yeah, the bit before that is the main funny bit