Aesthetic Choices You Might Like To Make In The Future

I’ve been predicting a Ska revival every year for about the last five but 2023 is DEFINITELY time to embrace it as a look like the trendsetter I am. Maybe @xylo can dust off his old pork pie hat.


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Detective trenchcoat core. Might even go full Q from Street Fighter


Woodworking Xylo


i genuinely have a ska EP on the way

I’m going to wear a lot of Quiksilver, O’neil and Billabong



wanna see a lot of people saying ‘dark academia’

Ska Academia.

SkAcademia is now, obviously, the EP name. Thank you.

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Wonder if this is finally the year for 1/4 zip windproof soft shells

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I’m getting quite into long sleeved t-shirts


I quite want to start wearing unstructured suits
Might make me feel more like a grown up

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asos do good cheap ones of these that last ages

I wanna start making my own patches

Edit moving this and the below post to the current aesthetic phases thread

As above

Mr Peanut/Monopoly Man