AfCoN '17 (rolling)

Going to try to properly keep up with it this year. Know the square root of sod all about the squads beyond those who play at the big European clubs. Absolutely detest the vuvuzuelas.

For some major shabs, etc, thought we could assign teams at random (providing there are sixteen interested parties). First game’s on the 14th. Fabio BorINi or Roberto MancINi below if so.

Beyond that feel free to let the chat and banter (chanter) begin. Links to good previews and online sources appreciated.

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fINidi george.

KevIN PrINce-BoatINg


BurkINa Faso

also the final is the same night as the Super Bowl which is pretty awesome as i have the next day off work

GeorgINio WINaldum

jacques song’o then im in

You’re banned for that. Sorry.


jacques songo’o then im in

Hes dutch mate

Wilfried Zaha IN

INmanuel AdINbayor

CelestINe Babayaro

George Weah’s cousIN


realised after I should have thought of an African player with IN in their name, but I was just pleased he had two in his.

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Legit looking forward to Uganda in this more than I have England in any tournament since 2004.

They beat Slovakia in a pre-tournament friendly the other night but lost 3-0 to the Ivory Coast earlier today.

Ghana, Egypt and Mali in their group, they’ve got a great record over Ghana recently so who knows…

errm… John PaINtsil

Has anyone else got a link to one of the participating countries? Yours is via your other half, right? Have you ever been to a game over there?

Tempted to get into African football a bit. Reading a book called ‘Thirty-One Nil’, there’s a chapter about Rwanda and Eritrea which is a real eye-opener.

Kelechi INheanacho

My Nigerian lads didn’t qualify :frowning: