Affordable holiday homes, etc (SSPish)

my mum retired and got a romahome. she’s sold her car too so whenever she goes to the shops or out and about she’s driving around in this big van which is quite funny to me. doesn’t seem as practical as a regular type of van for everyday life but she seems to get on alright.

i’m in cornwall at the moment and it looks like there’s so many people living the #vanlife and i’m jealous.

I have no advice but I can definitely see the appeal of having a place that you can go to whenever that’s not your normal home but is kitted out with your own stuff. My nan and granddad had a caravan, which, after my granddad died, my nan just had a permanent pitch for in Devon or somewhere because she wouldn’t drive outside her village. Yeah it’s the same every time but if your MH is bad then having to choose a destination and going to a new place and all that can be stressful. I get stressed every time I go away about forgetting stuff and having to drive in unfamiliar areas and things like that.


Absolutely. I’ve posted about this lots of times before,about my flat being here for anyone on dis at any time if I’m away. I’ve had quite a few of you stay (and I’ve got a lovely diser coming up whislt I go to Wales in 2 weeks) but still never done it as a house swap yet as it’s just fit in with an existing holiday ive had booked, but would love to do swaps.

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Holidays are really fucking expensive aren’t they


Apology accepted

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If anyone wants to swap my room in a share house in Kettering for their nice home, for maybe a week or three months, DM me


My housemate is affectionately known as ‘Rowdy’ to his friends, he will make CCB and the gals feel very comfortable I’m sure.

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If anyone wants a house in England’s best city, on the doorstep of Britain’s first national park, with a beautiful but incredibly dense cat. I’m your guy.

I’ll take it.
There are 2 small kids here. 6 year old is up at 5am and don’t look the 3 year old directly in the eyes when saying “No” to his entirely unreasonable demands and you will do great. Do I pick the keys up off Rowdy?


My dream is to own a flat in Tenerife for about 100k, which I’d live in from October to march and Airbnb out for the rest of the year. I would remote work from there so I’d not be using holiday to go, and hopefully make enough from letting it out over the remainder of the year to pay for it’s upkeep and flights there and back etc.

A dream it likely forever will be

Get a bell tent and a Ready Bed and go round Cumbria for a week.

There are quiet campsites you can use as a base to go to all the other places in the area which are £10 a night, and it’s free to walk around or swim in a lake or whatever.

Even in peak areas, a pint of local ale should set you back no more than £3.80 unless you go somewhere that’s a trap specifically for rich Southerners.

If you’d rather stay in a caravan or whatever, you can rent camper vans/static caravans on the beach in Cumbria for about 1/3rd of what they cost in what’s classed as the Lake District, and you’re still only half an hour’s drive from the actual lakes and that.


Just wanted to say that when I was younger found it a bit baffling that our downstairs neighbour always went on holiday to the same bit of Greece every year because for me I enjoyed the newness of a place we went on holiday (we didn’t go abroad really but it held true for that when I did).

However, when I got together with my wife (mah waffe) obviously our main holidays pretty much reduced to scraping together two to three weeks from our respective work to go to Aus and visit family. So for a number of years I was holidaying in the same parts of Melbourne and Brisbane and you know what? It was good actually. Holidays are holidays and the ‘no surprises’ factor of the same thing is actually a massive MH comfort too. I guess it’s like how music festivals are sort of the same each time you come and you get some good feels from that?

Oh for sure, didn’t mean to say there’s anything wrong with visiting the same place over and over, just something to consider particularly if you’re making a big financial commitment.

I’ve been to the same Center Parcs with my family about ten times and totally get that it’s often more relaxing to just know where everything is and what there is to do.


I’ve got somewhere in Birmingham up for a swap but you need to look after the kids, fish and hamster, and water the plants - that’s how house swaps work yeah? You do get to stay in Birmingham though, and the kids are cute i guess…

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Came here to say this. A good pal got a van ‘to save money doing holidays’ and now all money and time goes into getting the van anywhere near useable, which appears to be a form of trying to touch the horizon

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I reckon the bell tent route is absolutely ‘the one’

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Would watch livestream diser house swap 24/7 until I died of joy tbh

Also your cat sitting status is of considerable interest to meeeeeee


We should pitch this to channel 4


Seriously if any reasonably established DISers are interested in a bit of Brighton based cat sitting last full week of August message me.


Some friends of my parents have a static caravan on a holiday park in Norfolk. It was expensive to buy, and there are annual fees too. They make it work by having it as a holiday let for the majority of the year. It’s a lovely location which also has loads of stuff for kids to do (it’s in Hopton, near Great Yarmouth). It helps that they’re retired, so they’re not restricted to weekends or holiday periods for their visits.