After careful consideration I think Udon noodles

might be TOO much, you know? Too thick. The dream is over,a real fall from grace.
Back to the drawing board.

You’re talking bullshit mate.


Udon what mate?

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more like udon’t

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first, everybody else has to shut up with this pun now

Udon (the sweater song)


Agreed, it’s soba’d.


more like uDON’T

actually did just spit out my tea at that :smiley:

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miso right

I’m going to be appearing in a stage adaptation of the 2016 US election this evening while eating a bowl of thick noodles

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no, I’m Ken Bone

I’m not very proud of this joke

I was in some noodle place a while back and they had ‘bukakke noodles’ listed on the menu. Felt a bit ill.

yeah noodle cake sounds rank