Afterdark Nightclub, Reading

Mainly for the FAO of PN, POR, SC, and Waffle etc

Fucking :100: place, that.

Even though I will probably never go there again I would be sad if it shut.

The 80s and 90s nights (the 90s especially, when I got the DJ to play a Radiohead bside was one of my fave night there) were so fucking good.

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Escape the London forcefield and come get pissed here you Londoner Worstcunt

(ilu pissyknickers x)

I say ‘here’ I’m in Switzerland. I mean Reading.


Do they still do the 90s night? It was called Top Of The Pops. Their website is bloody blocked at work due to SEX (???)

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Hah those are my old housemates.


Be quiet Aberystwyth boy.


Ain’t you from the valley’s pal?

to be fair AD is right up your street - it’s fun but it’s also full of try hard drugged up wannabes

No bites at all to be had here then, oh well.

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It is iconic if you’ve ever lived in Reading.

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I don’t know. Most likely - Their night list hadn’t changed for like 10 years so I doubt they’d change it now?

I remember when I said I went to Reading Uni, and you looked at me like I said I’d been in Colditz or something. What has inoffensively bland Reading ever done to you?

or indeed Bracknell. For once you muso bods are actually talking about a place I used to go quite a lot. Presumably while most of you lot were all tucked up in bed.

Over 20 years ago I used to sometimes go to Sunday night rock/ indie nights at a Club which I think was called “Washington Heights” in Reading (my friends and I used to call it “the Shites”)

Is this club still open - Reading people?

yeah – before it was just a club, it was a venue, @Ruffers – the old Creeps played there for like £4 in the early nineties and the poster’s still up on the wall there

I also went to Reading Uni :wave:

Nah, long gone. Some of the same staff at the AD tho.

ascii shrug

Reading Uni is really nice, for the most part. (At least I think so) Only reason I didn’t put it on my list is because I didn’t want to go so near home!

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