Afterdark Nightclub, Reading



Mainly for the FAO of PN, POR, SC, and Waffle etc


Fucking :100: place, that.

Even though I will probably never go there again I would be sad if it shut.

The 80s and 90s nights (the 90s especially, when I got the DJ to play a Radiohead bside was one of my fave night there) were so fucking good.


Escape the London forcefield and come get pissed here you Londoner Worstcunt

(ilu pissyknickers x)


I say ‘here’ I’m in Switzerland. I mean Reading.



Do they still do the 90s night? It was called Top Of The Pops. Their website is bloody blocked at work due to SEX (???)


Hah those are my old housemates.




Be quiet Aberystwyth boy.


Ain’t you from the valley’s pal?

to be fair AD is right up your street - it’s fun but it’s also full of try hard drugged up wannabes


No bites at all to be had here then, oh well.


It is iconic if you’ve ever lived in Reading.




I don’t know. Most likely - Their night list hadn’t changed for like 10 years so I doubt they’d change it now?


I remember when I said I went to Reading Uni, and you looked at me like I said I’d been in Colditz or something. What has inoffensively bland Reading ever done to you?


or indeed Bracknell. For once you muso bods are actually talking about a place I used to go quite a lot. Presumably while most of you lot were all tucked up in bed.


Over 20 years ago I used to sometimes go to Sunday night rock/ indie nights at a Club which I think was called “Washington Heights” in Reading (my friends and I used to call it “the Shites”)

Is this club still open - Reading people?


yeah – before it was just a club, it was a venue, @Ruffers – the old Creeps played there for like £4 in the early nineties and the poster’s still up on the wall there

I also went to Reading Uni :wave:


Nah, long gone. Some of the same staff at the AD tho.


ascii shrug


Reading Uni is really nice, for the most part. (At least I think so) Only reason I didn’t put it on my list is because I didn’t want to go so near home!