Afternoon important polls thread (polls)

  • No more bond films
  • No more harry potterverse films

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This is tough because of morals!

Absolutely don’t want to cage dive because of animal welfare/ environmental concerns. Leave the sharkies alone ffs.

Terrified of sky diving and seems a huge waste to burn all that fuel to send me up in the sky when I don’t even wanna go

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  • Human names replaced with unique identifiers
  • There is only one mobile phone model you can buy

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All extreme experiences like this are shite basically


Such a no brainier. Wish there was only one thing of each product you could buy

  • Rolling your tongue
  • Waggling your ear
  • Licking your elbow
  • That water droplet sound when you flick your cheek
  • Making it look like your thumb can move up and down your hand
  • Knowing all of the words to a song with a lot of words
  • Being able to down a pint really fast

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  • Custard
  • Cream
  • Ice-cream
  • All three

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This is the most difficult poll I will ever vote in on DiS. And also possibly in real life.


firm eye on this


depends, do we get to be stalin?

Take as long as you need

  • Cheese
  • Chocolate

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I refuse to choose, personally.

No. Only me

  • Chocolate
  • Crisps

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Woah, almost great minds

are we really talking about what foods we prefer again


well in that case, I’m in

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Just killing time until episode 3…



  • Sonny and sunny days
  • Cher and the concept of sharing

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