Afternoon snack and banal, if you like

Got a hankering for a small tub of green pringles, think i’ll get some.


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There’s a load of cupcakes in the kitchen but they’re full of milk. Not going to have time to get dinner tonight before my penoid thing and I’m already hungry.

To top off my afternoon, I’ve received a meeting invite for Monday from the big boss with one of those vague titles that makes me think I’m going to get fired.

Probably something from that massive pile of cake in my office

gonna have a cup of lyons tea and a sainsbo’s belgian choc and salted caramel cookie

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Nothing because I’m back on the bike and trying to be good :sleepy:

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You’re a bigger man than I


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It’s been nagging me since I mentioned it in the daily thread this morning

Eating wings with a fork

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Eating wings is odd no matter how you do it.


Gonna have another cup of delicious water :grimacing:


Having a cup of green tea. Still have some left of my Easter egg treats as well.

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Well, yeah, it’s taken as a given that eating any part of another animal in the first place is pretty bloody weird.

I have a small tub of red pringles in my backpack. Might have them in a bit but I don’t wanna share tbh so I may just hide them away until bf is out tomorrow :laughing:

BF is making up my sideboard whilst we’re watching Cracking On: Chris and Olivia and he’s stopping to shout at the tv about them.
“you’d have his bollocks if he did that to you!!!”

No snacks for me. Had loads of food today, and readying myself for a Benitos Hat before I get the train later.

Gonna get some beers for the train, which is 3 hours long (incl 1 change at York).

How many beers? Please specify SIZE.

Pretty big food coma tbh, went down the caff for a jackey p, beans, cheese, salad

Jacky P ft Cheezy Beenz and Leafy Green


baked potato saved my life


Cake in the office email just came round but it was someone in a fucking London office accidentally emailing everyone in the country. Irked


Had a sausage roll and a chocolate flapjack, washed down with a Clementine, ginger and honey juice

Once when I was at a pharma company some security berk sent round sorry got bored of this anecdote bye