Afternoon Snack Audit / AOB

What ya sayin’?

got a couple of satsumas here but i probably won’t eat them

Why ever not?

eaten loads today

I have like 5 graze boxes in my drawer but I don’t fancy any of them :frowning:

i’d love a finger of fudge

it’s not thursday

That was why I gave up on graze. Ended up with a surplus of raisins and dried mango :alien:

bought a fage w/ honey that was meant to be for this afternoon but I ate it at lunch


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Dipped my fudge in my earl grey

  • Fine
  • :rotating_light:

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A couple of white chocolate Princessas


EARL GREY WITH MILK :face_vomiting:


It’s how Ian Rush drinks it.

fage yogger



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Rush is an excellent surname, innit

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Might have a cup of coffee

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These neat’s are really disappointing :pensive:

It is, but maybe not the best day to be extolling the rushes :grimacing:

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