Afternoon snack audit


Blueberry muffin and some hazelnut Ritter Sport

No wonder I “can’t” lose weight lol

Now you!


I’m currently mowing down on a pack of these babies:


Just had a strepsil lozenge.


Just inhaled a Snickers

(but I wanted a Topic)


I have only a banana. Woe is me.


The last of my oat chocolate chip biscuits I made on Sunday


I have a slice of vegan banana and choc chip bread from Coco di mama.
It was the end of the loaf so extra crusty/dry.


Reese’s peanut butter cups. Could go again tbqfh.


3 x jammy dodgerz


I have a banana and a Graze superfood bite thing


Please note I had a massive bit of cheesecake earlier.


You sick bro? Too much fun?


Making my way through a ritter sport gift pack I brought into work that no one else is eating


Come back when you’ve got yourself a real snack


Way to kick a man when he’s down!


No fun, just getting ill :frowning:


Not much around here :sob:


Lemon filled muffin from Speno’s.


Belvita yogurt crunch aka the best belvita bar :raised_hands:


Smashed a bag of Candy King


Do you mean pic n mix?