Afternoon snack

What are you having? I’m having an apple muffin which is a bit too sticky/sweet for my liking (still going to finish it though). Bought it because I thought I’d be adventurous and buy something different.

  • What are you having?
  • Why did you decide on this particular snack?
  • Marks /10? Would eat again?
  • some pineapple
  • so I don’t die of malnutrition
  • haven’t had it yet/10
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I got some pretzel flips this morning for an afternoon snack and ate them this morning


Nothing today as I’ve got a day off. Usually have an apple around this time when I’m in work, though (boring but true).

Why? Habit I guess.

I don’t know tbh. I have eaten a lot of crap today.

Might have a rice cake cereal bar.

one of these

because it was in my work locker

8/10 yes


Bag of slightly sweet microwave popcorn. Think it was past its sell-by as it burned pretty quickly.

Ham and Cheese bagel

  • Just eaten an apple.
  • Was the only edible thing in my office at the time.
  • 7/10, will probably eat an apple again at some point.

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will be eating a banana
we always have bananas in the house
haven’t eaten it yet, but it’s about the right level of ripe - not too green, not too brown - so I have high hopes

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nature valley kru


I have the peanut and chocolate ones of those here, which I also found in my work locker! I might have one in a minute and report back.

Had half a coconut. Old school

Tangerine x 1, banana x 1
The only snacks to hand
6 / 10


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Burnt popcorn :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

What are you doing with the other half?

Do you prefer your apples refrigerated or room temperature? Please be advised that there is but one correct option

Don’t fucking start again!

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