Afternoon Tea

A post in the yuppy thread for me thinking about how much I love afternoon tea. Little sandwiches, scones, bite sized cakes, champagne and fancy tea, plus a bit of a gossip with your besties. Haven’t done anywhere near enough afternoon teas.

Are you a fan? Got any pictures of one you’ve been to?

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  • I’ve yet to live

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  • Greatest thing ever
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We had a tea party instead of a ‘proper’ meal at our wedding. It was great.


Load of wank. Just go Nandos.


I went to afternoon tea at the Savoy for plasticmike’s mum’s 60th birthday.

It was fucking amazing; really expensive and had an absurd dress code but I didn’t pay and also it was basically all you can eat and drink and the quality was incredible and I felt really ill on the bus home.


i went to betty’s when i was in harrogate and wondered what i was doing there

Betty’s is great you fool

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i’m sure it is, but i definitely don’t belong there


I was surprised how much of a big deal ‘morning tea’ was in the antipodes.

I mean, I get it, you can have a break at some point to grab a hot cup of something, but it was like an institutional event as important as lunch in the places I worked in Aus & NZ.

It’s not better than getting a couple of yumyums from Greggs and having a cup of tea at home, though, is it.


Never done it. I like sandwiches and tea though :man_shrugging:

Can you make crisp sarnies there?

It really, really is. I know I’ve posted this before, but this came AFTER the sandwiches and scones and cakes at one I went to:


I’m a MASSIVE fan. Obviously. Cause it’s cakes and sandwiches and bits.

DiS ladies afternoon tea should definitely happen if we’re all in the same city.

We went for afternoon tea here

Which is in Sri Lanka at a place nicknamed Little England and it’s WEIRD. Red post boxes everywhere, loads of tudor houses. In the middle of Sri Lanka.


If you took you own crisps, maybe. Might be frowned upon though.

Doesn’t look very hygienic to me.

Last time I had afternoon tea was taking my then tvs mum for it at gleneagles.
Was lovely, but fuck me it was expensive.
:thinking:actually come to think of it that’s the only time I’ve had afternoon tea.

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Had an Alice and Wonderland themed one once in London and saw Danny Welbeck hanging out with his mates in the hotel afterwards. He was chatting about helping David De Gea speak English.

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fucking HELL

honestly it was insane at the Savoy. you picked a posh as fuck tea and they kept topping it up for you. like i never ran out of tea and we were there for three hours. sandwiches: had a round each and then they asked if we wanted more. yes please. then scones. jfc. then cakes and pastries. i was so full.