⚽ Aggpass goes to jail: September football thread 2022 ⚽

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Looking forward to the Leeds game. Think both teams play quite open/attacking stuff :smiley:

1st international break after this week isn’t it?

23rd-ish isn’t it. There’s been no squad announcements yet has there :thinking:

World Cup arsing up the regular flow of the season.

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Yes, it could be a humdinger. Would love a repeat of the 7-3 :wink:, but would happily settle for a point.

I’m hearing the transfer window has creaked back open for one last day


Slammed shut and padlocked yesterday I heard.

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7 year contract for fofana?
That’s a big one

he’s proper good though

really glad for him that it looks like he’s fully and permanently recovered from the frankly criminal leg break he suffered

less glad he’s gone to the Bridge though obv

September, to me, is spelled F, O, O, T, B, A, L, L, !


I think I’ll watch 3 games of football this month

Do you know which ones yet?

The Kepa Komedy Klassic

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what if forest go and sign neymar or something today, that would be fun imo


Unfortunately I skipped all the football last night as my mum was taken into hospital yesterday and I was feeling really stressed and sad about the whole thing. Hoping to watch the Arsenal game in full at some point today, mainly to see how Sambi got on covering for Partey and Eleny - I noticed he was one of the candidates for MOTM on Arsenal.com so I assume he did well. I’ve seen the goals - surely Watkins should not be able to do that to the goalkeeper? I remember a similar thing happening in our loss to Brentford last season, although at least Watkins was slightly more subtle than on that occasion.

  1. Leicester - Man Utd
  2. Southampton- Brentford
  3. Wolverhampton - Man City

Best of luck with all three of them

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Hope everything is alright, pal x


Apparently Douglas Luiz is being sold today so that’s John McGinn huffing around all season for 90 minutesa game