⚽ Aggpass goes to jail: September football thread 2022 ⚽

Tuchel sacked cant believe if

Worried Tinklebell is going to get sacked too soon at this rate.

Kneejerk-sacking underperforming managers is not the Chelsea Way


Blackburn 2-0 down at home thanks to Burnley legend Nahki Wells

Great cameo from Tommy Twocoats, tbf - came in, stunk the place out with dire football, flukes a Champions League, massive payout.


Ted Lasso’s had a moment I’m hearing.


New striker gone off injured lol

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Marsch has been trying to talk himself into that all season, to be honest. Think he might just be a moron.

Had a point, tbf. Had a penalty shout that was at least as strong as theirs. Annoying.

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Really difficult to tell who’s going down with Bournemouth and Forest.

Especially as we’ve not even got a replacement right-back.


Spurs gonna Zzzzz their way to 2nd

A pound per player


Koulibaly is fucking mince. no wonder nobody bought him.

Feels like we’ve only had one episode of Spursy in about six months.



Richarlison has been lively but so wasteful, the air shot summed it up

Absolute clown goal to concede that.

Great goal by chilly willy to be fair

Chilwell’s goal involvements per minute over the last couple of seasons has been off the chart

The BBC feed is quite funny today with Tony Pulis telling everybody off

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Oh well that’s Spurs home and hosed, hopefully Palace can nick a winner at St James’s. Or a Wham winner would be amusing.