Ah Ha! Everything Everything nominated for the MercuryPrize 2018


Snap! Brit rock haters! Everything Everything is nominated for the Mercury Prize for “A Fever Dream”.

I don’t understand why the majority of people on this site hate the music that comes out of their own country. I’m sorry but the U.K., Scotland, and even Ireland have more interesting, vibrant, and cool artists than most of what’s happening in the U.S.

P.S. Ty Segall sucks and Danny Dyer used to be really cute.


“and even ireland”!


Scotland is in the UK pal.


You wot mate?


Have you ever tried to listen to gabba?


Gah I am so angry about this, all of my plans foiled!!

You win this time jl Ockman!!!


jersualem was the last good english song


I would like to add ‘best new user of the week’ to our newly anointed potw thread.


Same person as what did that nu metal acoustic gig thread from this morning surely


what’sthisnow? oh I found it, this is gonna be a close run race.


Feels like too much of a coincidence for two prime chunks of bait to be dangled here on the same day. I’m sure VincentAdultman would agree.


I love lots of British and Irish music.

Everything Everything are shite though (and Ty Segall is superb)


I’m pretty much the world’s biggest Everything Everything fan but I can’t get behind this thread.


Modern take on Meatloaf’s big hit


So pogo on that, ya twat


Ty Segall = Pitchfork trash.


No I’m the biggest Everything Everything fan. Not you!



we appreciate what you’re doing here, but i’m afraid hot takes need to be clearly marked & contained in the smashing pumpkins thread for the good of the biodiversity of the forum.


Smashing Pumpkins? Another American band!