Ah wicked

Can’t wait to take the family on that!


3rd or 4th take of an originally pure, wholesome reaction. I reckon


I think that’s the doctor that cut my legs off

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Have you let barley or numbers on your account?

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It’s the hosts reaction of pure hatred after that makes the clip

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Am I right in thinking someone on here knows him and said that was how he’d react sincerely? Or was that in the twitter thread below the video? I don’t know :man_shrugging:

  • I know what’s happening in this thread
  • No idea, probably cycling or wrestling though

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The TV highlight of 2020

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I suspect he doesn’t have a family

Over 204 nations are EXPECTEDTOCOMPETE!

  • I know what this is and it was funny
  • Huh?

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someone needs to tell me what this is or I’m gonna cry and make a scene




In the UK ITV television quiz series Tipping Point Series 10, Episode 5 (first aired March 4th 2020, then later repeated on December 30th 2020), one of the contestants (Toby) reacted to the prize he had received in such a way that it almost seemed insincere.


:smiley: oh yeah I remember this now

I’m beginning to suspect the reason no-one else has any clue what I’m on about is because it was a short piece on local news and the video clip we kept watching was our own from filming it off the telly on my phone.

I would like to see this video if you wouldn’t mind uploading it somewhere.

No worries if not.

I thought he was trying to be polite and sound enthusiastic about an obviously shite and underwhelming prize.

  • I mostly say wicked, meaning good
  • I mostly say wicked, meaning bad
  • I don’t use this word at all and should be mocked in public

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I think I say “cool” too much, and need to find a decent go-to substitute.

Just thought this thread was the place for this observation.


don’t think i’ve ever used the word ‘wicked’ when not followed by ‘witch’