AI generated Seinfeld that goes on forever

Terrible yet oddly compelling (alternative title for DIS)


Big fan. I think you can only watch it for like 10 minutes max live without going completely insane though.

twitch won’t embed, dang

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I love the way the characters sit down. So graceful, almost haunting.


Laughing so much at this my neighbours called the police


Also a big fan of this be particular form of digital madness.

Just watched Larry tell two terrible jokes, and watched the chat screaming various forms of ‘GOOD ONE LARRY’

10/10 would watch again

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yeah the chat is great. so incredibly fast paced though, which is funny given the speed of the ‘action’

Is this The Entertainment from ‘Infinite Jest’?

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They’re talking about going to a cornflake exhibition. I hope they do go!

Jerry just vanished into the couch then morphed out of it.

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“I’m trying to organise a no socks party”


Fred had a garlic & banana ice cream, I can’t believe this guy

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seriously, this is brilliant.

it looks like a theme hospital cut scene. also the music is absolutely brilliant.

this is like a Manches post turned into a TV series.


There was a great bit when I was watching it where it cut to a stand up bit and Larry was just waffling for ages, and then he was like “ok, who wants some jokes?”, and the first joke was:

Why did the cow cross the road?

To get to the udder side



the made me snort laugh with a chat about going to the beach.

she’s going to the beach, for relaxation.
but it’s cloudy?
yeah but there is loads of other activities there, like swimming and fishing
i hadn’t thought about it like that
(canned laughter)
(seinfeld cut to building and bass line)

  • so, what did you guys do last night?
  • I went to an off-off-off-off broadway play, but it was so terrible i wanted to leave, but they didn’t have an intermission!
  • yeah, that’ why i never leave the house until intermission, at the vey least.

that’s genuninely incredible.


You know what would be funny? Laughter
If we all started speaking in gibberish.
Wooble dabble heeble jeeble.
Blooble wooble wooble.
That was a good one.

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The graphics suck

okay George actually just landed a great joke